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As one of the most important leading figures amongst contemporary musicians in Turkey, composer, pianist and singer Selen Gülün has been trying to combine the information coming from her Western Music education with her Turkish soul. Her music is very well equipped with writing and performing techniques but one can easily hear the settle reflection of Turkish Music approach in balance with complexity. In Gülün’s Music two sides of her influence (East/West) levels out each other. The result is impressive, elegant and dramatic. She has a remarkable success internationally. Her Music was performed in many places around the world including Turkey, Austria, Germany, Holland, England, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, USA, Brazil, Pakistan, Lithuania and Russia.


International Press

 “…I waded into my vast my space page and found several as yet undiscovered gifted women from the Eurasian continent who are doing the good work. Ms. Gulun employs a stunning integration of Turkish music elements into her vocalizations in addition to her adept applications of keyboardry.I wonder if she ran into Butch Morris when he was teaching in Istanbul?”

                                                                                                                                 Brilliant Corners by Christopher Ruston Rich, July 26, 2009

“Last Friday evening, Selen Gulun — a jazz pianist and composer — shared tracks from her latest CD with an audience seated on big brown pillows at the Borusan Music House on Istiklal Caddesi. In a raspberry mini dress and black high heels, Ms. Gulun led her trio, defying stereotypes in the male-dominated musical world that she inhabits, infusing her works with the serenity of her classical training and the energy of an Istanbul upbringing. ”

The New York Times & Herald Tribune By Susanne Fowler, February 16, 2011

“Gülün’s music is by turns distant and immediate — often in the span of a single track.”

Downbeat by Eric Fine, Jan 2012.

“In her style, influences from classical and contemporary music rife: pointillism, impressionism, low pitches, clusters, modal, atonal. Gulun has just released a trio record, rich and vibrant, full of different colors and dynamics..”

all.about.jazz By Gian Paolo Galasi , September 1, 2011