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Selen Gülün & Jun Kawasaki feat. Aya, Hiroyo Miura, Changu

April 19 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Selen Gulun & Jun Kawasaki w/ Special Guests - Koendori Classics

Selen Gülün (piano, vocal) & 河崎純 Jun Kawasaki (contrabass)

Special Guests: Changu [Choi JaeChol] (Korean Percussion), Aya (Butoh dance), Hiroyo Miura (Dance)

チェ・ジェチョル (崔 在哲) 韓国太鼓奏者 | 亞弥 (舞踏) | 三浦宏予   (ダンス)

開場19:00 | 開演19:30

予約¥3,000.- 当日¥3,500.- (1drink付き)

Time: Doors open 7.00pm. Music starts at 7.30pm.

Charge: 3,000 yen (adv.), 3,500 yen (door) (incl. 1 drink)

Koendori Classics: http://koendoriclassics.com/access/

Selen Gülün セレン・ギュリュン (composer, pianist)


河崎純 Jun Kawasaki (composer, contrabass)


[English below]

SELEN GÜLÜN | セレン・ギュリュン

作曲家、ピアニスト、歌手、編曲者。様々な現代音楽のスタイルでの作曲やパフォーマンスが特徴。彼女が作曲した音楽は、母国トルコのみならず、オーストリア、ドイツ、オランダ、英国、スウェーデン、デンマーク、イタリア、フランス、米国、ブラジル、日本、カンボジア、パキスタン、リトアニア、ロシア、モザンビーク等、世界各国で演奏されている。これまでにCDアルバム、「Just About Jazz Live 」(recjazz, 2005年)、「Selen Gülün Trio Sürprizler」 (recjazz, 2006年)、「Selen Gülün by Selen Gülün」 (re:konstruKt, 2009年)、「Answers」 (pozitif, 2010年)、「Başka」 (linrecords, 2013年)を発表。「Answers」は、ディスクユニオンのJazz Tokyo Weekly Chartにて第6位を獲得、「Başka」は第4位を記録。作曲作品はthe Dartford Symphony Orchestra 、the Vellinger String Quartet (UK), Ensemble TRIS (Austria),、sa.ne.na Percussion Ensemble、Istanbul Modern Music Ensemble (Turkey)などに取り上げられている。また、AKMusicより2017年発売のライブ盤「The Women’s Matinee」はトルコの女性作曲家たちをフューチャーしたコンサートシリーズである。五十嵐一生、河崎純、小泉P克人、柴田亮、小沢あき、細谷紀彰、中村亮 などの日本の様々なジャンルのミュージシャンとも共演。Charles Mingus Composition Award, やthe British Council Visiting Arts、Creative Collaboration in Musicなど、数多くの賞を受賞。イスタンブール大学国立コンサーバトリーで音楽を学んだ後、イスタンブール大学経営学科を卒業。その後、イスタンブールのミマール・シナン大学国立コンサーバトリーにて、さらに音楽教育を受ける。1996年には、奨学金を得てバークレー音楽大学に進学。1998年には同校のジャズ作曲学科を首席で卒業。イスタンブールに帰国後、2003年にはIstanbulTechnical UniversityのCenter of Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM)にて音楽の修士号を取得。

http://selengulun.com/ | http://facebook.com/selengulun | http://bit.ly/selengulunyoutube


http://kawasakijun06biologia.blogspot.jp/ | http://musicpoeticdrama.com/junkawasaki.html | http://blog.goo.ne.jp/jk50654396


As a leading contemporary musician in Turkey, Selen Gülün combines her Western music education and her Turkish soul. It is possible to hear traces of Turkish music in her work as composer, pianist, vocalist, and arranger. She has attained critical acclaim internationally. Her music has been performed in countries around the world including Austria, Germany, Holland, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, the USA, Brazil, Japan, Cambodia, Pakistan, Lithuania, Russia, Mozambique, Australia, and Turkey. Gülün has released five albums: Just About Jazz Live (recjazz, 2005), Selen Gülün Trio Sürprizler (recjazz, 2006), Selen Gülün by Selen Gülün (re:konstruKt, 2009), Answers (pozitif, 2010), and Başka (linrecords,2013). Answers reached #6 and Başka reached #4 in the Jazz Tokyo Weekly Chart. In February 2017, Gülün / Allulli / De Raymondi’s album KAPI was released followed by #KAPIjapan tour in March 2017. Her compositions have been premiered by the Dartford Symphony Orchestra and the Vellinger String Quartet (UK), Ensemble TRIS (Austria), sa.ne.na Percussion Ensemble, and Istanbul Modern Music Ensemble (Turkey). Her new album The Women’s Matinee, born out of her concert series featuring the works of women composers in Turkey, will be released in April 2017. She has performed with a wide range of Japanese musicians including Issei Igarashi, Jun Kawasaki, Keisuke Ohta, Yoshihito “P” Koizumi, Ryo Shibata, Aki Ozawa, Noriaki Hosoya, and Akira Nakamura. She has received many awards including the Charles Mingus Composition Award 1998 and the British Council Visiting Arts, Creative Collaboration in Music 2003. She studied music at the Istanbul University and the Mimar Sinan University State Conservatories and graduated from Istanbul University’s Business Administration Department. In 1998, she received her B.A. in Jazz Composition summa cum laude from the Berklee College of Music. She received her Master’s in Music at Istanbul Technical University’s Center of Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM).

http://selengulun.com/ | http://facebook.com/selengulun | http://bit.ly/selengulunyoutube


A Japanese contrabass player and composer, Kawasaki is highly esteemed especially in his improvisational performance which is seemingly scooped out of his inner self. Born in 1975, he studied contrabass under Tetsu Saito and Motoharu Yoshizawa while in university. He has performed with many distinguished musicians in and out of Japan. Recently, he is focusing on collaborating with Russian musicians, especially with Sergey Letov, the most important Russian avant-garde jazz saxophone player. Apart from solo activities, Kawasaki has participated in different groups in Japan, such as Maria Kannon (a legendary hardcore rock group), EXIAS-J (a well-known experimental improvisational group), aujourd’hui il fait beau (a unique trio with a vocalist/guitarist and a percussionist). Kawasaki has also composed and performed extensively for theater and dance pieces. His major works include music for Camille Claudel (a dance piece conceived and choreographed by Senrei Nishikawa, a traditional Japanese dancer), About 1hr. 20min. on Oct. 1 &2 in Brecht Festival (Japanese theatre company, Port B), Hamlet Machine by Adults and Children (produced by SPAC Shizuoka Performing Arts Center in Japan), etc. He is also a music director for a unique theatre company, Futsu Gekijo in Tokyo. With a deep interest in words, Kawasaki has conducted for many years a series of seminars and concerts involving poetry readings and music. Kawasaki has performed in many countries of the world, including the US, Russia, France, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania. He was also a member of Sound Migration, a collaborative music piece between Japan and Turkey (Şevket Akıncı and Saadet Türköz from Turkey) which was premiered in Istanbul at the International Contemporary Dance & Performance Festival (iDANS) in 2010 then toured in Egypt, Hungry, and Japan. He has released one CD: Jun Kawasaki: Left Bank, Right Bank.

http://kawasakijun06biologia.blogspot.jp/ | http://musicpoeticdrama.com/junkawasaki.html | http://blog.goo.ne.jp/jk50654396

Special Guests:

★ Choi JaeChol – Changu (Korean Percussion) | チェ・ジェチョル (崔 在哲) 韓国太鼓奏者 |

Korean born in Japan in 1979. Korean drummer name: Changu. He has performed Nongak (Korean traditional music and folk dance) in various scenes. Beyond the boundaries of tradition and contemporary music, he created collaboration with Butoh Dancer Min Tanaka, Japanese and Korean traditional music with Kiyohiko Semba, etc. He has a unique project “CHANGO WALK” drumming and walking (from Tokyo to Korea), he has made the sound of the drum spreading in the nature echo. In 2016, he performed at the Sanriku International Arts Festival and collaborated with Japanese folk horse dance (Enburi), deer dance (Shishiodori). He composed and directed Nongak with pianist Masahiro Sayama in Kawasaki Jazz.

Website: http://choijaechol.wixsite.com/news

★ Aya (Butoh dance) | 亞弥 (舞踏)

Graduated from Collage of Art and Design in Musashino Art University, Tokyo Japan. Studied modern ballet at the Ikuko Kanemitsu Buyoh Gakuen dance school in childhood. Then had deep interesting for art, music and literature. During a university student, created art works “Tokeru Shintai – Melted Body“ & “Hyousou Hyohonnbako – Signed Specimen Box” with interesting of man’s sense organ in festival or performance. At present, supervising a body workshop at Rakudo-An in Kanda, Tokyo & studying “Butoh” at the workshop “KAYOU KAI” by Tokyo based butoh dancer Mitsuyo Uesugi.

Selected activities:   http://musicpoeticdrama.com/artists_aya.html  |  Website:  http://aya.omnioo.com/improvisation_movement_dance/ 

★ Hiroyo Miura (Dancer, Actress) | 三浦宏予   (ダンサー、女優 )

幼少の記憶に刻まれている遠野の自然、ざしきわらしやかっぱが日常会話にのぼる環境の影響で、シャーマニズム、アニミズムに興味を持ち、その延長線上でダンス、演劇に携わる。大学在学中より、演劇、オペラ、クラブや美術館、ギャラリーでのイベント、映像作品に出演。2001年より生まれ故郷岩手県遠野市に伝わる早池峰神楽を鈴木廣志に師事。 ダンス・パフォーマンス: http://musicpoeticdrama.com/artists_miura.html


April 19
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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Koen-Dori Classics
19-5 Udagawachō, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, 150-0042 Japan
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